Whiting Bay

Whiting Bay

  • Birdwatching
  • Scenic walks to Glenashdale Falls
  • Cottages, crofts and farms, houses and hotels.
  • Perfect for sunsets, beach walks, adventure sports.
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About the village

Whiting Bay is comprised of several districts – Kings Cross, Sandbraes, Auchencairn, Knockenkelly, North, Mid and South Kiscadale, Largiemhor, Largiemeanoch and Largiebeg. There is much evidence of pre-historic habitation; the Giants Graves being the best known. The Vikings left their dead in the burial mound at Kings Cross. An early visitor was Robert the Bruce and it was from Kings Cross that he sailed to the mainland and to victory, proving that there is nothing like a holiday on Arran to set you up for any battles ahead.

Whiting Bay village

The village of Whiting Bay has grown little by little from clusters of cottages on the shore and on the braes to crofts and farms, houses and hotels. The road to Lamlash used to go by Auchencairn until 1843 when the main shore road was built and gravelled. It was not tarred until the 20th century. Contact with the mainland was on an irregular basis by wherry or rowing boat (in calm weather!). Locally owned smacks brought their cargoes into the burn mouths and unloaded into carts. Later passengers were landed from steamers at Kings Cross and, even after the pier at Whiting Bay was built, the steamer still called in at Kings Cross.

Whiting Bay, as we know it today, began to take shape around the end of the 18th century with the construction of the pier and the expansion of businesses and the tourist trade and the opening of the golf course, tennis courts, bowling and putting greens. The golf course is thriving as is the bowling and putting greens but the tennis courts have gone. The village Hall was opened in 1926 and no-one was allowed to set foot on the new floor unless they were wearing soft shoes. The hall has been a focal point of the village ever since, prior to that the school was used for entertainment.

A place to reflect and enjoy

Whiting Bay shore has a mixture of beautiful sandy beaches and interesting rock formations, lots of seabirds and a particularly large swan population. One of the favourite walk is to Glenashdale Falls. A walk past farms and fields, along forest paths edged with ferns, mosses and lichens, and past the tumbled stones of pre-historic forts. Not a long walk but so much to see, to reflect on and to enjoy…like Arran.

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