Holiday Cottages in Catacol

catacol village - beach view
  • Pretty and characterful cottages
  • Home to endangered tree species
  • Spectacular sunsets and a perfect place for bird watchers

About Catacol

Catacol is a small village on the north west side of the island, just a few miles along the coastal road from Lochranza at the foot of Glen Catacol, a steep-sided valley. Views across to the Kintyre Peninsula. Spectacular sunsets and a perfect place for bird watchers.

The Twelve Apostles, Catacol

A famous row of pretty and characterful cottages just a few yards from the beach in this tiny village. Each of these fishermen’s cottages has a different upper window so that when the men were at sea, their wives would light a candle in the window and each man would know which house was signalling. Whether that’s a true story or not, it is still a romantic idea.

Arran Whitebeam Trees

This village has in more recent times become known as home to three of the world’s rarest and most endangered tree species. A National Nature Reserve in one of Glen Catacol’s side glens is home to some 300 Arran Whitebeams (Sorbus arranensis), and over 200 Cut-leaved Whitebeams (Sorbus pseudofennica). This is a large part of the total world population of species which, apart from a few kept elsewhere for conservation purposes, are only found on Arran. And in 2007, it was announced that the only two known examples of a distinct new species, the Catacol Whitebeam (Sorbus pseudomeinichii), had also been found in here.


Glen Catacol (from the Old Norse meaning wild cat gully)  is an exhilarating walk starting on a path which gradually climbs by the side of the burn and then more steeply, before leaving the track to access the summit of Beinn Tarsuinn. There is always a good chance of seeing red deer on walks in Arran.

Food & Drink

Although a tiny village, Catacol Bay hotel is a lovely place to sit and watch the sunsets, chat with the locals and have bar meal too.

Lots more information can be found here.

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