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About Lagg

Lagg is a small, pretty village on southern coast of the Isle of Arran made up of a few houses and a hotel. Several beaches and Kimory village are close by.  There used to be two Mills in the area, at Torrylin and Glenree., and a distillery at Lagg.

  The local industry is still farming with the addition, in 1946 by The Milk Marketing Board, of the creamery at Torrylin. The cheese produced regularly wins awards and you can arrange to visit.

Amenities Include; Small, pretty village on southern coast, A sprawling farming community, Rocky coastline and beautiful beaches, Stunning views from Lagg Beach.

Cottages Near Lagg

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The Old Schoolhouse, Kilmory

The Old Schoolhouse, Kilmory, Isle of Arran, Scotland, KA27 8PN, United Kingdom


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Things To Do In Lagg

Lagg Village

The Lagg & Kilmory Village Hall & Bunkhouse

Essential to all Arran communities, was built in 1934, and like all the others, well used.  The village hall now has a bunkhouse and there is more information about Kilmory Hall facilities here.

Lagg and the neighbouring village of Kilmory is a sprawling farming community, with a history of people and places intermingling through the centuries. To summarise it in one page is impossible, you have to stay there, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the softer scenery of the Southend, with its sweeping views of the sea and sky.

Much of the coastline is wild and rocky, but where there are beaches, they are beautiful. It was off these rocky shores that on 28th December, 1908, the ship “Bessie Arnold” ran onto the rocks in a blizzard. With the exception of the Mate all the crew perished, and it was the figurehead of the ship that served as their headstone in the churchyard. The figure head has been restored and now rests inside the Church.

The Southend has changed dramatically over the past two hundred years and within the past two or three generations is becoming a forest with a fringe of farms around the coast. The older generation of Kilmorie folk can recall a time when the interior of the island was well populated with clachans. Many have disappeared and only the names are left; Ballygonochie, Strathgael, Corriehaim and Gargadale. Farming has seen many changes and farmers have diversified into tourism, converting barns, byres and ruins into holiday cottages.

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